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Render css/js pages as preformated
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based on r23617 f. all user js/css by default will render mumble jumble, and is not optimal. The only way I can see a solution to the problem is to only render it as preformated text.

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ayg wrote:

This was discussed at bug 10422. If you want it to be reversed, give your reasons there.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 10422 ***

ayg wrote:

Okay, this doesn't actually ask for bug 10422 to be reversed, it just asks for the text to be preformatted (but still possibly wikitext). This is more reasonable and could perhaps be done. We would not want to add that gray box, though, as for normal <pre>, because that would look awkward if nested.

robchur wrote:

It *is* preformatted.

ayg wrote:

Yes, now it is, after I reverted my change to the opposite.