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Allow additional local blacklist from MediaWiki: Name space.
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Having MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist as a local extension to the blacklist hosted on meta could help small wikies in SPAM fighting.

This is a suggestion to think about, rather than a hardened proposition. Maybe I am asking for something already present, which I only did not find it in the documentation, but I doubt.


For example, in kshwiki, we had a series of incidents of a bunch of .cn web sites being inserted anonymously via chinese proxies. Since legit links to chinese hosts are extremely rare in kshwiki, all of .cn could have been blacklisted locally for a while. Once SPAMmers detect that they have been dected and are being fought, they usually go away for pretty long, and the ban against .cn could have been lifted again.

.cn cannot, of course, be blacklisted for all MediaWiki wikies, and listing a quickly growing series of hosts in the global blacklist may not be a good choice either, especially, if other wikies aren't spammed.

However, putting up such broad blocks locally would not cause trouble for some wikies, hence the above idea.

Of course there are other means to fight this SPAM, but they're generally less effective or more labourous, so maybe adding local blacklists may be worth the efford.

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fearow00 wrote:

It is already possible to specify any page as a spam blacklist page, however it requires an edit to LocalSettings.php. That's how its set to meta by default. So the features there, a dev just has to make it so. I think this should be enabled by default on the extensions, as it would be useful for almost every wiki.

Ok, if this specification is *in addition to* the general list, and not replacing it (as I have undertstood the documentation) then a developer should just need to set the default to *on*, and to use MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist

robchur wrote:

Doable in local configuration; for Wikimedia, request as usual.