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Improve insertTags() for IE and Opera
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Author: alexsm333

Suggested code for insertTags()

The current implementation of insertTags() (used to insert characters/tags while editing) in wikibits.js is inadequate for Internet Explorer and Opera: the resulting text selection is very inconvenient.

The proposed insertTags() prototype is attached. Please see my en.wp linked page for examples and more info.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: enhancement




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Applied in r24042

Tested and confirmed expected behavior:

  • Firefox 2.0 / Mac
  • Opera 9.20 / Mac
  • Opera 8.0 / Mac
  • Opera 7.5 / Mac (no toolbar)
  • Opera 6 / Mac (no toolbar)
  • Safari 2.0 / Mac
  • Safari 3.0.2 / Win XP
  • IE 7.0 / Win XP
  • IE 6.0 / Win XP

Tested with oddities:

  • iCab 3 / Mac (toolbar displays but nonfunctional; seems to have HTML parsing errors unrelated to the JS work)