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Some dynamically-constructed internal links not being parsed
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Author: loustyx

see also

First i thought this is a limitation due to cross-references.

But this is not a cross-references problem. see

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: major
URL: http:///



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loustyx wrote:

First see http:///

ayg wrote:

Did this used to work? You're doing some pretty funky stuff, building a link whose link text is a template that constructs a template name out of its parameters and calls that with other parameters. Also, is there any simpler case you can build that still doesn't work as expected?

loustyx wrote:

Sorry. This is a template BUG ! (so my own fault :( ) :

A stupid linebreak !

I didn't saw it ; for "[[image:{{Location map {{{name}}}|image}}]]" didn't returned



"[[image:Armenia-locator.png ]]"