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Inclusion of MediaWiki:GeSHi.css uses invalid CSS
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Author: ayg

@import statements must not occur except at the beginning of a stylesheet for some reason: "CSS 2.1 user agents must ignore any '@import' rule that occurs inside a block or after any valid statement other than an @charset or an @import rule." ( The same is true in CSS3 ( Firefox at least seems to correctly ignore the invalid declaration: "Unrecognized at-rule or error parsing at-rule '@import'." So the customizations in MediaWiki:Geshi.css do nothing.

Easily fixable by breaking the import off into its own style tag, or using <link>, so you wonder why they bothered making the distinction. Or just by writing our own stylesheet and not using GeSHi's default angry fruit salad (which also forces Courier (New) for monospace instead of relying on browser default, blah).

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