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Sort pages in categories by PAGENAME instead of FULLPAGENAME
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Author: steinninn

By sorting pages by FULLPAGENAME puts a huge load of work into sorting pages with specific namespace with a #defaultsort:PAGENAME. Most of the time, pages with different namespace are not mixed in the same category, and thus many categories where the defaultsort has not been changed all the pages are in the same letter. Templates would therefore all be under "'''T'''".

I submitted this at the Village pump - technical - Sorting of articles in categories
but did not get a clear answere.

And thus I'm posting this to Bugzilla, hoping to get this matter cleared out.

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ayg wrote:

Although this goes against our current sorting model and would break stuff a bit, I'd personally like to see this made the normal behavior. Stepping back, the current sorting behavior is bizarre and unexpected, and not something that anyone would likely desire. Even if different namespaces are mixed in the same category, how often are you really going to want every template filed under Template:? That's like a library alphabetizing initial "A" or "The" under A or T (which we do because we don't have decent sorting algorithms period, but that's not the point here). It shoves tons or probably mostly-unrelated stuff under the same letter without good reason. Users can, of course, always manually switch to FULLPAGENAME via the use of defaultsort.

Duping this to bug 450 as have previous similar requests.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 450 ***

steinninn wrote:

This goes a long long way! bug 450?!? I was hardly born at that time.