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MediaWiki:Markaspatrolledtext only accepts raw text
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Author: Wiki.Melancholie

[[MediaWiki:Markaspatrolledtext]] only accepts raw text. Everything is rendered as raw text, no span tags are possible for example (for adding id, class, color, etc.). In [[MediaWiki:Markaspatrolleddiff]] and [[MediaWiki:Markedaspatrolledtext]] this is possible, so please allow HTML and/or Wiki syntax in MediaWiki:Markaspatrolledtext, too (as this can be very helpful).

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robchur wrote:

It's a link label; we don't usually allow anything other than raw text in these.

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

You did so in [[MediaWiki:Markedaspatrolledtext]], for example. And this for good reasons (it's-up-to-you-adaptability > id, class, style, ...); no need for restricting it more than other MediaWiki messages.

robchur wrote:

However, that message is supposed to contain an explanation; it's standard for us to allow wiki text in such messages. As I explained above, "markaspatrolledtext" is a link label, and it's *not normal* to allow wiki text there.

The link itself is wrapped in a <div> with class "patrollink", so it's quite possible to style this normally using CSS.