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cassandra slow streaming during (de)commission
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during the recent (de)commissioning of restbase1007 we've observed slow (~5MB/s) streams to/from other machines, there's a nodetool option to supposedly set streaming bandwidth but no observable effect

restbase1002:~$ nodetool getstreamthroughput
Current stream throughput: 500 Mb/s

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during restbase1007-b bootstrap data is streaming from restbase1007-a (i.e. localhost) though the observed speeds are the same, in the order of 4.5MB/s

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We have a number of cluster changes coming down the pipe (T119935, T125842, and T95253) that would benefit from higher throughput; Bumping priority to high

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Increasing the number of instances has alleviated the problem by increasing the number of streams, the issue still stands though.

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The limitation here is that there is no per-session concurrency for streaming in Cassandra. The throughput observed is the result of what a single thread is capable of decompressing on the receiving end. This has been reported upstream as:

Some additional information: CASSANDRA-4663 adds concurrency at the keyspace level (Cassandra 4.0+)