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Mailing list for nds Wikinews
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For the planned Wikinews project in Low Saxon (for now in the phase of creation as Portal:Wikinews on the Low Saxon Wikipedia. The place is chosen cause it is more visible than an Incubator project and it is closer to the existing user base on Wikipedia. Cause news not read by anyone are useless.) we need a news submission e-mail address. An address for sending press releases to the users involved in the project. Low Saxon is a language without own vital media. There are no daily newspapers, no TV program, no radio station fully dedicated to the language. And no press agencies of course. Where Wikinews in other languages has massive competion by other media, Low Saxon Wikinews could be a real useful news source and bridge a market gap. Especially dedicated to news about the language, which are sparse in other non-Low Saxon media. Cause there are no other Low Saxon media and press agencies, we need this submission e-mail address. So institutions and individuals can post news and make them known to the Wikinews contributors. This should be a mailing-list. Press releases are never confidential, so it should be no problem, that the mailing list is readable for everybody.

So I ask for the creation of a mailing-list under the address And I want to ask for granting admin status for this list to me, Marcus Buck or User:Slomox. My e-mail is

I know, that requesting a list for a project not yet existing is uncommon, but a submission list is prerequisite for a working project. I could set up a private list, but changing it later to an official Wikimedia list would be complex.


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wm-thunderhead wrote:

As far as I know, mailing lists are not set up for individual domains. If you're looking for a Wikinews list to sign up to, use:

That's the international mailing list. Multilingual discussions are (as far as I know) welcome on that list.

robchur wrote:

We do set up lists for individual language projects, e.g. the English Wikipedia (wikien-l vs. wikipedia-l) but this is a measure taken when the per-language discussion for that project outgrows the main list.

I don't believe mailing lists will be set up for addresses other than, but I could be misreading the available details on this.

It shall be a news submission box, so international list is no good place. If a address is not possible, would be acceptable too.

wm-thunderhead wrote:

A news submission box? I'd suggest doing this on-wiki. Generally mailing lists's aren't set up for article submission. Since anyone can edit, and anyone can create articles, it would be better to promote this on-wiki rather than referring to an email address.

Everybody can edit articles, but not everybody is familiar with how to edit a wiki, not everybody is able to write in a neutral way (press releases are no news articles without editing) and regarding especially Low Saxon: not everybody publishing news on Low Saxon is able to speak the language and even fewer are able to write it properly, cause it is not teached in school. And of course we would like to be able to be set on the CC list for press releases of for example the INS, the Institute for the Low Saxon Language.

Don't anybody think, that I maybe had thoughts on it, before requesting? Yes, we need an e-mail address. On-wiki only won't work. I wanted an e-mail address which is official part of the Wikimedia project. But if it is not possible, to set it up, then I have to select an address set-up privately.

As nobody cares, I now have registered a domain which looks like it is connected to Wikinews project and have set up a list on my own. Therefore this request is not up-to-date anymore and I set it to wontfix.