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Some databases cannot be backed up/replicated on toolsdb
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The following tables cannot be replicated due to performance concerns (usually it means they are extremely large or they cannot be effectively replicated because they are the result of continuous imports. In order to not affect the rest of the users, replication has been turned off in these cases:

s51071__templatetiger_p [all tables]

This doesn't create problems on the database itself, but it means they would be lost in the event of a software or hardware failure. The actionable I need from @APPER, @Kolossos and @yuvipanda is one of these:

  • Aknowledge "it is ok, I can recover those tables if I lose them completely"
  • Confirm "it is ok, I have my own backups outside the database and check those regularly"
  • Ask for help "please help me backup those outside of the replication process"- which may require table changes

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I may add here all tables in s52721__pagecount_stats_p. Performance is not a perfect science.

Thanks for the notice. My DB's are possible to recover in case of a complete wipeout, but that would take several months to do. What is the issue with my DB's? Are they too big or too busy?

s52721__pagecount_stats_p is currently being replicated, but for some time it was on the verge of being filtered out. Right now I do not see any issue with it, but it showed me bad numbers in the past. Did you use to write heavily to it, but no so much anymore? If that is the case, you can ignore this ticket as no filter will be applied with the current write level.

Note that current redundancy is real-time, so that does not protect against accidental deletions.

I can recreate all data inside templatetiger, in the case of a disaster.

I can recreate s51412__data.dewiki_templatedata if needed. It will take some time but it would be possible.

Thank you all. Please allow me to help with backups if you do not have them for a faster recovery.