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edit.php sometimes breaks "did you mean" suggestions
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On a brand new wiki with just the pages [[Test Page]] and [[Some Page]], using edit.php to create a page [[Another]] causes the "did you mean" search results to disappear. Direct searches for "test page" and "some page" still work, but where searches for "test paeg" and "some paeg" previously asked "did you mean 'test page'" and "did you mean 'some page'", respectively, there are now no results. No amount of refreshing or waiting brings the "did you mean" back.

Procedure to recreate the issue:

  1. Revert VM to initial wiki state with just [[Test Page]] and [[Some Page]]
  2. Refresh search ~25 times to confirm for certain that the "did you mean" for both "test paeg" and "some paeg" are not going anywhere
  3. Run echo "This is a test 0" | php "/opt/meza/htdocs/mediawiki/maintenance/edit.php" -u Admin "Another"
  4. Refresh search page between 7 and 35 times and see that "did you mean" no longer is present for "test paeg" and "some paeg".
  5. Refresh search page 100 more times to confirm "did you mean" isn't coming back

Note that choosing a page title "Another Page" did not cause this issue. Page title "Asdf" did cause the issue. Nothing significant was seen in Elasticsearch logs with debug enabled.

I've tested this extensively on my platform. See

Please note that I can't overemphasize the "sometimes" in the title. If you look at the tests I ran at the link above, you'll see that it was hard to pin down this error initially because it wasn't easily repeatable. It is, however, consistently repeatable using the process above, where edit.php is run immediately after creating Test Page and Some Page.

Two configurations tested, both showing the issue:

CentOS 7
PHP 5.6.16
MW 1.25.5
Elasticsearch 1.6.2
All WMF extensions on REL1_25 branches

CentOS 7
PHP 5.6.16
MW 1.26.2
Elasticsearch 1.6.2
All WMF extensions on REL1_26 branches

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It is unlikely that this issue is still relevant today. Please reopen if I'm wrong.