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Change wgImportSources value for plwikisource
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plwikisource community requests to change value of wgImportSources MediaWiki configuration variable to make page import possible for administrators from wider range of wikis.

Current wgImportSources value:

array( 'w', 'b', 'q', 'n', 'wikt', 'oldwikisource' )

Requested wgImportSources value:

array( 'w', 'b', 'q', 'n', 'wikt', 'mul', 'de', 'en', 'es', 'fr', 'it', 'pt', 'sv' )

Rationale: make it easier for administrators to import pages from other wikis. It concerns mainly technical pages (templates. modules) and import with full history may be required to fulfill cc-by-sa license requirements for these pages (to credit authors). Change 'oldwikisource' -> 'mul' is suggested as 'mul' is more commonly used alias for this wiki.

Community discussion:

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Change 275275 had a related patch set uploaded (by Odder):
Modify wgImportSources for plwikisource

Change 275275 merged by jenkins-bot:
Modify wgImportSources for plwikisource

tomasz triaged this task as Low priority.

Deployed onto the production cluster by MaxSem at 00:09 UTC today.