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include URLs in search indexing
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Gentlemen, it has occurred to me that Search does not look into the
href's of links, only the text.

I.e., if one links [ Project "N"], one will
never find the word "neurdsbeurg" with MediaWiki's search.

Indeed, as has occurred on my wiki, if one finds that he needs to
change all the occurrences of "neurdsbeurg" to "teurdsbeurg", he is
s*hit out of luck, as they say, as there is no way to hunt them down,
at least from the search box.

Therefore, it seems reasonable to include URLs and parts thereof, in the Search indexing.

Google even has a whole keyword for URLs...

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement



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fearow00 wrote:

You can use the Linksearch special page (may be an extension) to list pages with a link to a certain site. I believe it supports partial URLs.

(In reply to comment #1)

You can use the Linksearch special page (may be an extension)

OK, I suppose I will have to wait till it beacomes standard, as I am
not mentally prepared to tinker further.

P.S., silly how on
they use a local example,

A wildcard may be used, at the start of the name only, for example
"*". To search links to pages on this site, start with

for what is supposed to be an external search. Why don't they say ""?

fearow00 wrote:

No subdomains of to demonstrate with. And that extension is easy to add, just upload the files then add a line to config.

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closing, as it seems like there is a workaround here