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issues getting to move protection box with screen reader JAWS in English Wikipedia and form labels
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I wanted to move-protect the article William Shakespeare on the English Wikipedia since there is no reason that it should be moved as it is a highly visible page with many revisions. However, even when I checked the box "Unlock move permissions", I could not navigate to the move protection list box with JAWS 8 and Internet Explorer 7. I could navigate to it with Firefox but the tabbing order was inconsistent and I accidentally protected the article sysop only while making moves autoconfirmed on my first try. The options JAWS reads to me in the move protections list box are "allow all users" (which is unavailable), "block anonymous and newly registered users" and "block all non-admin users". I believe JAWS gets confused by the fact that on the English Wikipedia, one list item is unavailable and that is the item selected by default - "allow all users".

I tried using my test MediaWiki installation to move-protect pages - I did not have a problem and had the following options: "default", "block unregistered users" and "sysops only". I was able to navigate through these fine. I tried reproducing Wikipedia's page move conditions (with a different autoconfirmed level) by adding this to my LocalSettings.php:
$wgAutoConfirmAge = 1000000;
$wgGroupPermissions[user]['move'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions[autoconfirmed]['move'] = true;
But it didn't change any of the options in the protection page.

Another problem with the protection interface is that there is no label for the move and edit protection list boxes. By default JAWS only reads the labels of form items though this can be customised.

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I now have no problem getting to the move protection combo box - I'm not sure what changed in this regard. However, the labelling is still confusing for a screen reader user so I will keep this bug open. For example, the edit protection box reads as "moves", at least with JAWS.

Labels for the list boxes added in r32999.