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Browser asks me to select application for opening file
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Author: jamesrmaclean

image of prompt

I am attempting to install MediaWiki 1.6.10 on my host at Hurricane Electric. They have PHP 4.4 and MySql 4.0.25; that's why I'm using release 1.6.10. When I complete the installation, and direct the browser to the wiki directory, I receive a prompt (see attached) asking me to choose what application I want to open the file with.

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: blocker
OS: Windows 2000
Platform: PC
URL: http://www.jamesrmaclean/mw


Error-MediaWiki.jpg (292×381 px, 30 KB)



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jamesrmaclean wrote:

I should mention this happens in Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, and MS-IE.

PHP isn't installed properly on your end. Not our problem.

robchur wrote:

(Specifically, it appears that Apache or whatever HTTP server is running is misconfigured, and is serving up .php files, rather than passing them to PHP first...)

jamesrmaclean wrote:

The problem is now solved. What happened was that, initially, I had installed release MW 1.10.1, but my web host only supported PHP4.4, not PHP5 (which is a requirement of release 1.10.1). So I used the SSH client to delete the /wiki directory and replaced it with a new one containing release 1.6.10. This time, I got the same error. That's when I posted here the first time.

A tech guy at my webhost kindly noticed that it worked for him, so perhaps it was necessary for me to flush my DNS resolver cache. It worked, and I'm in business. Thanks to everyone for listening and diagnosing