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sitenotice change does not propagate immediately
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Author: soloturn

the following happened when after changing the sitenotice. if it is really a cache problem it would be nice that after editing this would be done by the software like for the iwkipages as well:

I had the old sitenotice in the place, but the new text in
[[Mediawiki:Sitenotice]]. When I switched from english preference to german
preferences - same.
When I clicked "save" at [[Mediawiki:Sitenotice]] the sitenotice text changed.
I didn't change anything so there is no new revision.

I conclude that this is a caching "problem".
Try adding "&action=Purge" to the URL once. Then it should work.
Caches are also purged once a day, so after a day the problem will be gone

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Severity: enhancement



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bugs wrote:

Caching is a known problem that does not need to be fixed any further (you don't seem to be asking for it to be fixed either, you are just stating that a problem exists and it's easy to fix).

soloturn wrote:

huh? you mean i ve stolen time so i can use it for putting spam into here? of course i'd like to see this fixed, be it by adding "action=purge" on save, or doing purge on save :)

soloturn wrote:

to make not a false impression, only the first paragraph is from me, but the original finding not correctly cited above is from

wiki.bugzilla wrote:

I noted that [[MediaWiki:Sitenotice_id]] has not been edited yet on Please see the hint at the far top of [[de:MediaWiki_Diskussion:Sitenotice]] for a short explanation. I assume you should try this :-)