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invalid case in Wiki.php
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Author: kelly.lynn.martin

In includes/Wiki.php, r24207, line 388, the switch admits to the possiblity of "revert" being a valid action, but there is no "revert" method defined on Article. An attempt to fetch a page with action=revert yields a zero-byte page (tested on @2007-10-04 1950Z).

Recommended fix: remove "revert" case from switch.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: normal



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robert wrote:

Removes revert case from switch in Wiki.php

This bug is in fact more severe than it first appears, currently, when action=revert is appended to the URL a fatal error results. This patch simply removes the action fixing this bug.


Reverted in r26488, as this of course breaks image reversion, which uses action=revert.