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Special:Mypage in URL doesn't allow other URL params
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Author: webmaster


The Marvel Database is a wiki about comics and a feature we would be interested in would be a link which adds comics to a users 'wishlist' or 'collection'.

I envisioned implementing this in ootb mediawiki by having a link to a sub-page of the user page which would store their wishlist.

This page can successfully be reached by instead typing in the URL:

This gives the dynamic nature of the link, so the link is on the comic and responds accordingly, no matter which user hits the link. (Jamie, Rob, or Brion. ;)

To account for PEBKAC, I would like to have that link preload a template, display an edit intro message and be loaded as a 'new section'. This leaves little room for user error as the work is all done for them, they just have to hit 'save'.

I can pretty much accomplish what I have outlined above, using the following URL:



Replacing title=User:Jamie/test with title=Special:Mypage/test kills all the parameters that follow it.


Including title=Special:Mypage or title=Special:Mytalk should allow all the same paramters as if the URL were explicitly defined.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement



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webmaster wrote:

(Changing severity to 'enhancement' and updating version to latest.)

After testing the above links, it seems like the new/current behaviour is that in the above scenarios 'Special:Mypage' and 'Special:Random' are somehow being defaulted back to 'Main Page'.

How would that happen? Is that intended behaviour?

At the moment the following parameter are kept, when the page is redirects:

  • action
  • preload
  • editintro
  • section
  • oldid
  • diff
  • dir

If you are missing a parameter, please open a new bug. Thanks.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 25829 ***