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Data dumps & renaming
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I renamed my Username few months ago without getting specific troubles. My username was User:Agamitsudo and became User:Benoît Prieur (my real name).

But I got a related bad consequence at the Data dump level. Dump are exploited to generate this list for example

In that dump you can see appearing my two usernames ("agamitsudo" and "Benoît Prieur") while only the new/last one should be visible (there is a balance of something like 20.000 edits still affected to agamitsudo. It should not).

Do you think that bug is easily fixable?

Thank you :)

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Akeron subscribed.

The problem is not directly related to dump but come from the revision table :

select rev_user, rev_user_text, count(*) from revision, user where user_name='Benoît Prieur' and rev_user=user_id group by rev_user, rev_user_text;

rev_user rev_user_text	count(*)
277571	Agamitsudo	20930
277571	Benoît Prieur	99175

Same problem on logging table :

log_user log_user_text	count(*)
277571		1
277571	Agamitsudo	2000
277571	Benoît Prieur	126002