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Nook browser hanging
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The Nook Tablet browser hangs when I try to view a Wikipedia page while not logged in.

I reported this on my Talk page, and at WP:VPT (now archived,

I am able to view pages if I am logged in to Wikipedia, but since the only way to clear the hang is to reboot the Tablet, and I then get only one chance to try to log in before I get hung again, and it takes several cycles to get logged in (i.e., sometimes I go straight to the login page, log in, get a page showing my name at the top, but I'm hung, and after rebooting I'm not logged in) it's really painful.

I think this is related to a problem that was resolved in June, T136905: MathML/SVG/PNG mode causing problems with Nook Tablet.: When I use Firefox, with Javascript disabled, on a real computer, I see a formula rendered as MathML, with a fallback image that seems to be SVG ( Since, when the problem in June was resolved, I was able to view formulas on the Nook without logging in, I'm sure that at that time the fallback image was PNG. I realize this isn't proof that the choice of fallback image has changed, the server could be reacting to my UserAgent string. But when the Nook hangs, I can see the page it's supposed to be displaying -- the browser just never finishes loading the page, and the browser won't respond to any attempt to access the menu, or follow another link -- and where I know a formula is supposed to be displayed, I see the little question mark box that I saw during the June problem.

I asked about changes to SSL certificates, or OCSP support, because when the problem first occurred, around 10 August 2016, I tried using Firefox on a real computer. At that time, Firefox complained that the OCSP response contained a time in the future. The next day, when I was planning to check if my clock settings were responsible, Firefox was no longer complaining.

I can't update the Nook Tablet operating system, I can't update the browser. The only other browser is the Dolphin browser, which seems to use the same (WebKit?) code to render, fetch, etc. The Dolphin browser behaves the same as the stock browser, except it requires a different pattern of Try to log in, exit, Try again, to get logged in.