&action=raw&section=0 acts incorrectly
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Author: FT2.wiki

Seems that "&section=0" works inconsistently between "&action=raw" and "&action=edit"

According to the manual

"&section=0" should return the first section (introduction) only, and does so for other &action's, such as &action=edit. But for &action=raw it returns not the first section, but the entire article markup.


Confirmed on #mediawiki:

<RoanKattouw> FT2: action=edit&section=0 behaves as expected: confirmed
<RoanKattouw> action=raw&section=0 returns entire page: confirmed as well
<RoanKattouw> The entire article, all sections
<RoanKattouw> I suggest you go ahead and file ;)

(slight cleanup to irc for readability; quoted with permission)

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Fixed in r29476

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