Invalid XHTML rendered during edit conflict
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Author: willemo

The following HTML fragment is rendered during an edit conflict:

<textarea tabindex=6 id='wpTextbox2' name="wpTextbox2" rows='25' cols='80' wrap='virtual'>

Two issues:

  • tabindex attributes lacks quotes
  • wrap='virtual' seems to be invalid XHTML according to the XHTML check of

Probably the following line in EditPage.php needs to be changed from:

$wgOut->addHTML( "<textarea tabindex=6 id='wpTextbox2' name=\"wpTextbox2\" rows='{$rows}' cols='{$cols}' wrap='virtual'>"


$wgOut->addHTML( "<textarea tabindex='6' id='wpTextbox2' name=\"wpTextbox2\" rows='{$rows}' cols='{$cols}'>"

(not sure about wrap, though)

I admit this is quite an unusual use case. Error is found in svn trunk yesterday.

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Severity: trivial

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Fixed in r29474.

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