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Can't edit pages under IPv6
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Author: sicaral

steps to reproduce:

  1. browse any page on wikipedia through, everything goes well.
  2. edit any page, and click "save page" to submit.

the result is:
it waits too long, and then SixXS IPv6Gate reports connection error.

like this:
SixXS IPv6Gate: 404 IPv4 Connection could not be established could not be gatewayed over IPv6: IPv4 Connection could not be established.

everything is right if you are only browsing.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: major
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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overlordq wrote:

If the what you're reporting is what you actually mean, then this isn't an IPv6 related bug. The sixxs ipv6 gate relays ipv6 traffic to ipv4 sites, as such wikipedia is receiving ipv4 traffic so really shouldn't get a ipv6 keyword.

Most likely a bug in the sixxs site.

sicaral wrote:

Yes, you are right. After some tests on a local MediaWiki installation through ipv6, I found everything is right.

When I reported the bug, I was just thinking if there was a bug in IP recording? Now I know I'm wrong.

But anyway, now it is still a problem for me to edit wikipedia through ipv6. OK, ipv4 is also ok.

river wrote:

you need to contact sixxs about this, not us. Wikipedia works fine; the problem is with some third-party proxy server over which we have no control.

jeroen wrote:

Thanks River for notifying me that this bug existed, I've been fighting a bit and now the SixXS IPv6Gate properly supports multipart/form-data.

For future occasions. People who have problems with the IPv6Gate, don't hesitate to contact with the details of the problem. The address is shown on the site and in the headers for a reason ;)

This bug can now be closed as fixed.