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Please upload large file to Wikimedia Commons
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Please upload these file(s) to Wikimedia Commons:

wget{,.txt} # md5: a3cfb0eeeec6a5bc5320a19b32ad9d90
wget{,.txt} # md5: 6150245bec61d2acd2adc79b3e0849d5
wget{,.txt} # md5: 86a423e417d961a0fc3ca8f36751e204
wget{,.txt} # md5: 354a66af857bd92741186d40133d5bd1
wget{,.txt} # md5: 1ef05d45ef6c5a7841386276126da85e
wget{,.txt} # md5: 37716d451b1030d15c8cfab4896c9ab3
wget{,.txt} # md5: 378e24c11df03228e0059b292dd420ac
wget{,.txt} # md5: 664693065a34afc0b24e7f3cc3346cbf
wget{,.txt} # md5: ab51f2c49d54fede940088ee28a50e7a
wget{,.txt} # md5: bcd4237fa11564ea3a7547984e7d6e97
wget{,.txt} # md5: 87fb43b6f296bac09f161285a6c26d7b
wget{,.txt} # md5: c687b99d2233f1dc50bb85933727a711

Thank you!

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Please get someone from the Wikimedia Commns community vouch for your request.

You haven't described the public domain status of the file as expected by the community, your account shows an high count of deleted media.

Meanwhile, I'm fetching the files on Terbium so all will be ready to process them.

All but the last file have a notice at the top right corner that implies they come from and thus are usually public domain as works of the US federal government. However, having source information is necessary, also because some videos there may include copyrighted material from others.

Dereckson moved this task from Backlog to Working on on the Wikimedia-Site-requests board.

@JEumerus here and @zhuyifei1999 on IRC Freenode Commons channel seem to agree the files are eligible and need cleaning. The second has offered assistance to correctly tag them.


I will tag them all when they are uploaded.

@Jasonanaggie thanks, they are currently in transfer to our file server, I'll let you know when done.


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Importing 20161003_Panel_LA_Case_Study_HD.webm...done.
Importing 20161003_SxSL_Panel_Making_Change_HD.webm...done.
Importing 011215_SOTU_Preshow_HD.webm...done.
Importing 20161003_SxSL_Breakfast_Panel_Hard_Things_are_Hard_HD.webm...done.
Importing 20161003_POTUS_Panel_HD.webm...done.
Importing South_By_South_Lawn-_Breakfast_Panel-Hard_Things_are_Hard.webm...done.
Importing 011215_SOTU_Clean_HD.webm...done.
Importing 012015_SOTU_NoGFX_HD.webm...done.
Importing 20161003_Press_Briefing_HD.webm...done.
Importing 20161003_SxSL_Panel_Feeding_Future_HD.webm...done.
Importing 011215_SOTU_Enhanced_HD.webm...done.
Importing 20161003_SxSL_Panel_Fixing_Real_Problems_HD.webm...done.

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