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[beginner] [recurring] Get onto Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
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This is a placeholder task for the list of potential tasks when applying as an organization for Google Code-in.

GCI mentoring, like most free and open source software collaboration efforts, relies heavily on IRC for success.

If you have not chatted in Wikimedia IRC channels yet, you can claim this task. You will:

  • install an IRC client you like (except those listed as "web" or proprietary);
  • connect to the Freenode network and register your nickname, then join #wikimedia-dev and/or MediaWiki-General (instructions);
  • introduce yourself on the channel (one sentence is enough);
  • wait at least one hour before leaving.

When you have completed the steps above and the time has passed, you are done: just submit the task for review; mention the nick you used if different from the one you have here.

OPTIONAL: If you want to use your time at best, follow the conversation and the updates on the channel: you will probably have interesting occasions to help another person like you or be helped, click an instructive link, fix some bug. You can also join another IRC channel in your native language, for instance.

OPTIONAL: You may also want to subscribe to one of our technical mailing lists for longer help and training.

Task tags: synchronous communication; irc; personal interaction; help; community

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Aklapper created this task.Nov 4 2016, 5:30 PM

May I mentor this task?

Aklapper closed this task as Invalid.Nov 27 2016, 11:01 PM

@husn_shujaat: Yes, always happy about co-mentors! :) Please ping me once you've registered as a mentor on the GCI site!

The idea here is to either check in your own IRC client and/or rely on the public logs like and to check if a student "has made it".
I'm also going to make @srishakatux a mentor for this task.

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I'm invalidating this task in Phabricator (not on the GCI site) as it was only a placeholder here in Phabricator when Google wanted to see which tasks we have in mind.