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Deploy revscoring 1.3.0 and updated editquality and wikiclass to wmflabs
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This was actually done on 11/3, but I'm recording it as a task retroactively.

17:36 halfak: manually ran "sudo mkdir /srv/log; sudo mkdir /srv/log/ores; sudo service celery-ores-worker restart" on ores-worker-(05|06|07|08|09|10)
17:23 halfak: deployed ores-wmflabs-deploy:ffb5dbb
17:16 halfak: deployed ores-wmflabs-deploy:ffb5dbb to staging (fixes logging bug)
17:04 halfak: deployed ores-wmflabs-deploy:74699db to staging

Note that T149925: /srv/log/ores/ not created on worker nodes was created to address the log directory problem.