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Create OOUI mockup shapes for use in Open Source diagramming application
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Story: As a designer I want to create and exchange mockups and wireframes in an OOUI look in an easily available applications

The OOUI widgets can be seen at the demo page
Interfaces are often mocked up in a graphic or diagramming application. There are some existing shape collections for wireframes but none that has OOUI (-like) shapes.


I contributed to general wireframing shapes for Libre Office Draw, however, these are only black/white due to technical limitations in their format.

I would prefer shapes for, since it is open source too, but also works online and allows complex shapes (shape code)with handles and multiple sub-elements.

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Some implementation directions:

We've been making this a topic, but it seems out of reach (too much overhead) process-wise right now. What we want to provide instead, is to integrate SVGs of the components into the style guide.
I'd either change status of the task to “declined” or remove the tag Wikimedia-Design if you, @Jan_Dittrich, or somebody else is self-assigning this task and proceed from the files provided.

is to integrate SVGs of the components into the style guide.

That would be very helpful!

I'd either change status of the task to “declined”

No problem.

self-assigning this task

Would probably do that in my private time; our 2 people team is to small to set up an own infrastructure, so we can decline it on of phabricator.

A good open source infrastructure in design is an important concern for me (collaboration!); if anything moves in that direction in general, or ideas pop up, please keep us in the loop.

The exports look fine to me, thanks a lot. Let’s close the issue :-)

Volker_E claimed this task.

Sure! :)
We can refine the export on feedback, similar to the grouping of the Sketch files contents which we will look into.