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Author: lars

Today April 15, 2008, on the English or Swedish Wikipedia,
in any article where the current version is a redirect,
if I try to view a previous version, all I get to see is the redirect.
However, I can view the old contents by ordering up a diff.

One example is the page name [[en:King Charles XII of Sweden]],
which has two versions, both dating from November 2002.
The most recent version is a redirect, but the previous
version contained some text.


If I click the time+date of the older version (05:33, 24 November 2002),
I get to see the redirect, which is the content of the current version.
This is bad. It should show the text of the old version.

If I instead click the diff button, I get to see the old text
and the new redirect,

This used to work only a few days ago, so it has been broken very

en.wp runs MediaWiki version 1.13alpha (r33317)

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: major


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ayg wrote:

It's on Brion's list to fix. We know what broke it and it should be easy to solve. It will undoubtedly happen today, probably within the next couple of hours.

brion added a comment.Apr 15 2008, 6:17 PM

Should be cleared up by r33381.

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