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Oldid broken for redirect
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Author: lars

Today April 15, 2008, on the English or Swedish Wikipedia,
in any article where the current version is a redirect,
if I try to view a previous version, all I get to see is the redirect.
However, I can view the old contents by ordering up a diff.

One example is the page name [[en:King Charles XII of Sweden]],
which has two versions, both dating from November 2002.
The most recent version is a redirect, but the previous
version contained some text.

If I click the time+date of the older version (05:33, 24 November 2002),
I get to see the redirect, which is the content of the current version.
This is bad. It should show the text of the old version.

If I instead click the diff button, I get to see the old text
and the new redirect,

This used to work only a few days ago, so it has been broken very

en.wp runs MediaWiki version 1.13alpha (r33317)

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: major



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ayg wrote:

It's on Brion's list to fix. We know what broke it and it should be easy to solve. It will undoubtedly happen today, probably within the next couple of hours.

Should be cleared up by r33381.