Change main en.wikipedia logo to the "fixed" one used @ de.wikipedia
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Author: equazcion

Per [[w:Wikipedia:Village_pump_%28proposals%29#Wikipedia_logo_improvement]]. This is a non-controversial change.

The German Wikipedia logo seems to have several improvements over the English one. Most notable is the better transition into its transparent background. The German logo shows now unsightly white jagged border around the globe.

I'm not sure offhand whether or not the globe image and the banner text ("Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia") are separate image files. If they are, this change should be rather simple. If they are both part of the same image, this change will require creating a new image, which I can do myself if need be. I may just need someone to direct me to the German and English source images.

Thanks for your attention to this.

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equazcion wrote:

That should read "The German Wikipedia logo shows NO unsightly white jagged border..." :)

Closing this bug as LATER for the moment as the logo isn't ready.

It looks like that [[de:Bild:Wiki.png]] bases on [[Commons:Image:Wikipedia-logo-de.png]]. The source is available under [[Commons:Image:Wikipedia-logo-de.xcf]]

You have to modify the image by yourself, reupload it as [[en:Image:Wiki.png]] and full protect the image description page again.

If done, please reopen this bug.

equazcion wrote:

Question, does anyone happen to know which font was used in the English version, for the text "The Free Encyclopedia"? I'll likely need to retype that from scratch. Thanks.

equazcion wrote:

Nevermind, I found it.

equazcion wrote:

The image has been uploaded to [[:Image:Wiki.png]]. Please implement the change when you can. Thank you.

equazcion wrote:

Just another relevant discussion, for the record: [[WP:AN#New logo]]

equazcion wrote:

I've done everything as requested. Is there anything more that needs to be done to get the live logo changed?

equazcion wrote:

I hate to be a nag, but it's been days since I completed the requested steps. Could someone at least tell me what's going on with this?

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I hate to be a nag, but it's been days since I completed the requested steps.
Could someone at least tell me what's going on with this?

Please be patient. Such bugs will be fixed by server admins with shell access from time to time in a batch.

There are potential legal issues with changing the logo, especially the patterns on the globe, due to copyright law. It has also been suggested the Board may need to approve any new logos or logo updates.

Not sure if there's any validity to these past comments, but it should be noted.

equazcion wrote:

Nothing's been changed. This was just a cleanup. Minor graphics errors in the image have simply been fixed.

equazcion wrote:

Also note that this is the same fix that most of the other languages have already implemented. The globe was taken directly from those. There should be no legal issues here.

brion added a comment.May 19 2008, 6:05 PM

There's no legal issue with a formatting/antialiasing tweak. Just nobody's gotten to these quite yet. :)

And... done. Enjoy!

equazcion wrote:

Thank you much, Brion :)

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