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Previously the behavior for rollbacks was to return the user to the article that was rolled back. And the behavior was changed to show a notification page telling them that the rollback was completed.

This helps when doing large amounts of rollbacks, however the previous behavior would alert the reverter that they didn't rollback everything if there was something wrong in the page.

This is a scenario which happens when dealing with large ammounts of reverts. One clicks a number of them, from diff pages in RC, but because so many have to be dealt with they don't actually check their own diff to see if things weren't completely reverted (ie: Someone other than the person being reverted made an edit in between the revisions they were looking at).

My proposal is to show a diff of what was reverted below the rollback notification message. There is plenty on that page and it should help the administrators on community wiki where everyone they give rollback to may not check their reverts.

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That could be rather handy. :)

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^_^ Added in r35688

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