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Implement an explicit magic tag to override paragraph handling / or force paragraph break
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In some instance when building up a page from sections elsewhere it's necessary to force a paragraph break.

Currently English Wikisource does this with a {{nop}} template, which utilises a blank <div></div> pair, to force a paragraph break. However the {{nop}} template is also used to mark the start of a page with a continued table, and in some places to support multline footnotes.

All these uses apparently work, but I felt it would be better if there was an explicit way to tell the parser to force certain types of content-"break" which were explicitly specifed and didn't rely on empty tag pair, something which should in other circumstances be avoided (and thus tided out of output)

Would it be possible to have some magic tags, (like TOC is used to generate a TOC) to act as a marker for the parser to change behaviour, temporarily.

The thoughts were as follows:-

NOP , NEWP : force new paragraph, closing the previous one appropriately, for the context. This is more complex than it seems because of how ref=follow is dealt with by Proofread page.

EXIT: Force closure of current span level elements, and begin an appropriate new 'parent' level item.

INTABLE: Used at head of page (Proofread Page) with a split-table to indicate that the content following is inside a table and thusly the next content line should be read accordingly, or at the foot of a page, with a split-table, to indicate that the next following page(after the header) contains a table element/row, and thus special handling should be used in regard to adding page numbering.

PAGENUM: Insertion place holder for a page number insertion, by Proofread Page when item forms part of a transclusion. This should generate an "apropriate" item, such a spanned sidenote inside a conventional paragraph or an invisble table row if inside a table (Requested because of some long standing limitation on how Pagenumber.js interacts with multi-page tables.

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Has this proposal (and especially the underlying problem) been already discussed with other community members? Link welcome.

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It hadn't. This was me acting on my own initiative again.

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Closed as declined for now, until there's more actual support for this proposal.