Cannot use username2 (non SUL) in parallel with username1 (SUL)
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Author: rbeelaard

With all cookies deleted:

  • Log-in on w:en with user name xxBot (is not unified account) - OK
  • Log-in on w:nl with user name xx (is unified account), resulting in
    • Auto log-in for all unified wikis - OK
    • Supersedes the xxBot log-in on w:en, which is now replaced by xx
  • Log-out xx on any wiki, resulting in:
    • Logged-out on all unified wikis - OK
    • Fall-back to logged-in xxBot on w:en

Above implies that the appropriate bot, operating on multiple wikis - on most with an unified account (for very good reasons) - cannot operate anymore on e.g. w:en with the dedicated bot account.

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brion added a comment.Jul 6 2008, 7:39 PM

A bot can simply maintain a distinct cookie set for each login session.

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