Skins "Simple" and "Modern" are broken
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Author: angus

The generated web pages simply don't have a LINK tag to load the default simple.css anymore.

Thank you.

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: major

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baard wrote:

I see the same using the modern skin on (all) Wikimedia wikis. Modern.css and common.css are not loaded. This breaks infoboxes and other customised CSS.

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stigmj wrote:

Perhaps it was this one ( who broke it?

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wiki.bugzilla wrote:

just adding two exemplary links here to make sure you note the impact: (German Wikipedia's main page) (random article with infobox and other stuff that isn't rendered)
… lots of grumbling all around especially by 'modern' users

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Sorry, I forgot to update those two skins for the new SkinTemplate CSS handling. :(

r38139 fixed this for Modern...

r38143 fixed Simple.

Note there's lots of general weirdness with Modern, as it doesn't use the same IDs and classes as everything else; it should get a major overhaul at some point.

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Plus final tweak to Modern in r38146, r38147...

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pbirken wrote:

This change breaks the layout of flagged revisions (see We turned off the box for most cases, but you can see there that in particular infoboxes get real problems.

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Comment #6 seems to be unrelated; screenshot is of MonoBook skin. If a problem persists, please provide more info on a dedicated bug.

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