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Create a new mailing list for Tamil language wikisource
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  • Requested name of the mailing list (ending in
  • Reasoning/explanation of purpose: Tamil wikisource has recently uploading nearly 3lakh+ pages for proof reading. Such large amount of pages cannot be proofread without discussion among the community members. The private conversations which currently takes place could not be accessed by others , cannot be a help archive, etc. The existing common wikisource mailing list may be enough as there are many specific problems related to Tamil language community which other maynot be interested.
  • Initial list administrator's email address:
  • Secondary list administrator's email address:

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Aklapper renamed this task from Request to create a new mailing list for Tamil language wikisource to Create a new mailing list for Tamil language wikisource.Jul 17 2017, 9:08 AM
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I've gone ahead and created the new mailing list. The first admin password is only emailed to the initial list administrator, so @Balajijagadesh will need to share the password with

List is created with public join and public archives. Any settings changes can be made by the administrators. Please feel free to reopen this task if there are any issues with initial access.