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Resource based (CPU/IO/Disk) quota imposed on a per-namespace basis in k8s cluster
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This is a place holder task to serve as a reference point for info and discussion of resource quotas for tools in Kubernetes cluster.

It stems from a note in the k8s Admin docs on the desire to provide this feature to manage contention between tools using the k8s backend:

There will be a resource based (CPU/IO/Disk) quota imposed on a per-namespace basis at some point in the future. "

Search of phabricator suggests no general task for k8s resource quotas appears to exist yet.

One use-case motivating resource quota discussions for Toolforge tools is PAWS. Migration of PAWS to a dedicated k8s cluster (T167086) is a possible solution in this particular case.

Some additional quota commentary and actions related to tool startup are available in T169954#3427978