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Edit summaries with multiple section links (/*sections*/) only parse the final section link correctly
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Author: oranl

Where: Anywhere an edit summary can be displayed: history page, compare diffs pages, watchlist.

What: When the software displays an edit summary that contains more than one section link (e.g.: "/*Heading 1*/ Copyedit /*Heading 2*/ Fix link"), only the last section link will be properly parsed (the above example would be displayed like this: "/*Heading 1*/ Copyedit - → Heading 2: Fix link").

Expected: All section links should be parsed correctly to contain a link to the edited section and display the section name in gray-colored font.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Open the edit page window on a MediaWiki project
  • Make an edit to two different sections
  • In the edit summary, type: "/*SectionOne*/ Edits made /*SectionTwo*/ Edits made", where SectionOne and SectionTwo are the section names you edited
  • Save the page
  • Observe the page history (only SectionTwo is properly parsed)
  • Compare the version you just saved with any other version of the page
  • Observe the edit summary in the compare diffs page (only SectionTwo is properly parsed)

Additional Information: This used to work properly. User:Alex Smotrov at suggested that this revision may be part of the issue:
Please also see a sandbox edit on for an example of this issue:

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: major



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alexsm333 wrote:

Another issue that might be related:

<Words> between angle brackets disappear from edit summary, resulting in incorrect section links.

Example diff:

oranl wrote:

This is still happening in MediaWiki 1.15alpha (r48811). See the bug description for a link to an example of this bug in action. Here's a more recent example:

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 16530 ***