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Feature request: allow correct math formatting for actuarial notation
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Actuarial notation includes features not currently supported by the existing <math> markup. The most important missing feature is the enclosing angle used to denote a duration in years. For details (including examples and current unsatisfactory workarounds) see:

One solution is to include the actuarialsymbol TeX extension which provides this and other related functionality:

It would be fine if the required outcome is to use separate tags for actuarial notation on Mediawiki. Just as there is currently <math chem>...</math> (aka <chem>...</chem>), the actuarial notation could also be kept distinct by implementing <math act>...</math> (aka <act>...</act>) if needs be.


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MathJax's enclose extension can help here, cf. It enables e.g. \enclose{actuarial}{n} and could be used to define a macro in mathoid. For a live demo, try $\require{enclose}\enclose{actuarial}{x}$ at