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When inserting media, dialog should be titled “Insert Media”
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When inserting media within Visual Editor, dialog should be titled “Insert Media”.
“Media settings” as currently is misleading to the users.

This has been stated before in the user testing Q1 2014-2015.

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It looks like the reason this dialogue is titled this way is because it's the same dialogue that is used for doing actual altering of media settings.

If the dialogue starts its name as "Insert media", at what point should this dialogue change its name from that to "Media settings"? Similarly, if you're altering the settings and change the image, should it retitle itself back to "Insert media" even though the media is already inserted? Should it be something else, like "Change media"? Is having the dialogue renaming itself frequently even more confusing?

I agree that the current name is misleading, but as it stands this solution to that problem is underdefined.

I agree that renaming in general would just shift the confusion to another place. From my point of view, it should alter the title depending on where the click was initiated, therefore the title “when inserting media”.
When the initial click was on the “Insert Media” button in the toolbar, title should change. When the initial click was on an already inserted image it can stay “Media settings” or a better default name for the dialog.

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Question answered, hence nothing stalled here.