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RecentChanges redirects to Related Changes
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Author: bugs

I am a user on [[mt:|]] and currently all users accessing this wiki cannot browse the [[:mt:Special:RecentChanges|Special:RecentChanges]] page because it seems as if it redirects to [[:mt:Special:RelatedChanges|Special:RelatedChanges]]. Can you please tell us what could have happenend? —[[User:Chrisportelli|Chrisportelli]] 15:59, 25 October 2008 (UTC)

(From Meta-Wiki's [[m:Wikimedia Forum]])

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: blocker



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alexfusco5 wrote:

I see the same problem from all links to Special:RecentChanges, but only on this wiki. Probably a configuration problem.

Nope, localisation problem in MessagesMt.php.

alexfusco5 wrote:

Well then we don't need a sysadmin :)

bugs wrote:

Yes you do, otherwise how will the messages get updated on the live site? :-)

bugs wrote:

Files fixed and synced (this same problem seems to have been on a number of wikis like cawiki and eswiki as well).

aaron.schulz wrote:

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