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The river "Glomma" fails to render in mapframe
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Trying to create a mapframe with Glomma fails to render. Mapframe is defined as

<mapframe text="Geoline av Glomma" width=300 height=300 zoom=6 latitude=61.24 longitude=9.20>
  "type": "ExternalData",
  "service": "geoline",
  "properties": {"title": "Glomma"},
  "ids": "Q214535"

The item at OSM is this one.

This example is used at w:no:Wikipedia:Torget#Dårlig med kart på wikipedia. It is the second example.

Note that the lat-lon is not accurate, it is reused from the map for "Oppland", which is shown in the same thread at Wikipedia:Torget.

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@jeblad the OSM object with Q214535 is a relation and currently only multipolygon, route and, boundary relations are supported by geoshapes, see T156433.

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