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Issues related to references and VE in Polish Wikipedia
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This is not a typical bug report or a request, but it's quite not clear to me (and I think to most of the regular users), where such questions should be asked – sorry if this is not the right place and in that case, I will be grateful for pointing me to someone who is able to answer my questions (and similar questions in the future).

At this moment in Polish Wikipedia we have several discussions related to references and in many cases it also applies to the use of VE. You need to know that in Polish Wikipedia the use of template {{r}} and {{odn}} (this is {{sfn}}-like template) is widespread, same as grouping references inside 'References' section (or rather inside respective templates). Each of these solutions are not fully supported by VE (e.g. references grouped inside 'references' template cannot be reused).

For these reasons, it seems important to me to find out what are the plans (if any) for some of the following issues:

  1. Are there any plans to implement in VE full support of references grouped inside 'References' template? (I saw T52896, but it's over 3 years old now and all I can find there is an opinion that this is a hack of doom – without taking into account that this is a solution [references separated from the text] more helpful for many experienced users than the VE itself).
    1. If yes: will a solution described here (in the table) (permalink) be a problem? This solution to some extent improves the editing references in VE (cf. editing references in VE: proposed solution and old solution).
  2. Are there any plans to implement in VE better support of {{r}} and {{odn}} ({{sfn}}) templates?
  3. Are there any technical/VE-related/etc. reasons to abandon 'References' templates and use <references> tag only?
  4. Is it possible to use localized <references> tag (like <przypisy>)? (I suppose it's not possible – I found T21115 and T30980 – but I took the opportunity to ask again)

These are the issues that came out during three ongoing discussions in (about integrating various 'References' templates into one, about disabling automatic changes (<references> tag to standard template) by gadgets and about implementing responsive references).

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