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Make handle SSLError, ReadTimeout, ConnectionError, TooManyRedirects and others
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These aren't issues with python3, but with weblinkchecker.
It only seems to check for requests.exceptions.InvalidURL whereas we should also be checking for requests.exceptions.SSLError and requests.exceptions.ReadTimeout

In fact, we should be doing requests.exceptions.RequestException - the error from which all request exceptions inherit.

I got one link which gave requests.exceptions.ConnectionError:...

PS : requests.exceptions.ConnectionError also inherits from requests.exceptions.RequestException

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run python weblinkchecker

Expected behavior
weblinkchecker should output only informative messages for passed errors and warnings and print error tracebacks only for errors and warnings not passed

Current behavior
Currently on every SSLError, ReadTimeout, ConnectionError, TooManyRedirects and maybe some more there is full traceback outputted. The final output can look really clutterred. Either make weblinkchecker work with errors like these (are they 404?) or at least make weblinkchecker not output the full error traceback on every error like these in any page (almost in every page on wiki).

Python 3.6.4

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