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problem on Persian title
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Author: amirali.b

when I want to make new page on wiki envoding of new page`s title changes and I have one wrong page.
look at this :
its not Persian letter ! so why it shows this ? I write "ب" but it shows this....

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Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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amirali.b wrote:

I know it should be like your link but when I type "ب" it changes and shows that wrong link to me (encoding changes)!
its not my own problem its for 90% of my website users . maybe we have problem on our language settings but its for 90% and MEDIAWIKI should solve it .

matthew.britton wrote:

Where do you type the "ب" in order for the encoding to change? Into the MediaWiki search box?

amirali.b wrote:

its my first page :
when I want to make one new page with "ب" title (its just one example) I write ب after title like this : "ب " but it changes and shows me this page :
when I write ب on the search box it shows correct but on the title characters changes to unknown type!!!
maybe this problem is on my language settings but its for 90% of my site users and all of them has the same problem.

This is due to the browser sending manually-typed non-ASCII characters URLs in a native encoding instead of UTF-8. (cf bug 11097)

Try adding this into your languages/messages/MessagesFa.php, right before the line "$rtl = true;":

$fallback8bitEncoding = 'windows-1256';

This should fix it if your server has the PHP iconv or mb_string extensions enabled, but probably won't otherwise.

The browser's configuration can also be fixed; modern versions of IE I think will send UTF-8 by default, and some Firefox versions I think do while earlier ones don't. Not sure about others.

As of r44630, the 8-bit URL fallback encoding is now set on additional languages using Arabic script (Persian, Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi)

amirali.b wrote:

thanks ... really thanks ....
it fixed and works correctly :)

warm regards.