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Make * URLs redirect to *
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Since we've deprecated the hostnames (for one thing it's not accurate, we don't actually support WAP as an access protocol!) in favor of *, it might be nice to issue HTTP redirects so people see the new name.

Downside: higher latency for people actually using the old URLs.

Upside: better visibility for new URLs and better cachingness.

Should be a simple matter of tweaking Apache configuration so a separate vhost handles the one and does redirects to the other.

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Note: wap is ISO 639-3 language code for Wapishana language, thus should not be used for anything else according to the current system.

Right, that's why specifically is not set -- it needs to be reserved for the language code.

But the * subdomains do not conflict, and already exist, hence the need to redirect them.

This has been completed. I had to enable the mod-rewrite on the server in question, and made a new config file for the wap virtual host.

danny.leinad wrote:

Hmmm, I'm not sure is it working fine...
For example, when I'm choosing, I'm redirecting into and when I try find article I see results from

When not redirected, I could immediately get results from

IMHO When I choose Apache configuration should redirect me into


You are indeed correct! Sorry about that, I was missing the coditional statement. Now it should be functioning properly. Thanks for noticing the mistake!