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Unable to jump using the playback bar in videos
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Regardless of which computer, internet browser or Wikipedia page I use, I can't jump in media files using the playback bar (or by any other means). This error is very frustrating. Take for example:
I may want to jump to see only the touchdown. Also, I may miss what he is saying for a second and want to go back, but it's not working.

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Thanks for reporting this.

I can't jump in media files using the playback bar

Does this happen for any and every video file? Or only specific types (like ogv in the example you provided)?

I can reproduce the problem on Firefox 58, using "HTML5 WebM player". Downloading and playing it locally with mplayer, every time I jump to a different position I get Broken file, keyframe not correctly marked.

The error appears both in .ogv (as exampled above) and .webm files such as this one:

These are, as far as I know, the only permitted video files in Wikimedia Commons (

T188878 made me look at the developer tools in the web browser, and it turns out to be the same problem.
As T188878 has a slightly better description, I am closing this task as a duplicate of T188878. Further handling happens in T188878.