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Update request for mg.wikipedia logo
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Author: alno

The logo currently in use at mg.wikipedia is the default English logo. A Malagasy version of the logo has been uploaded and protected at . Can this new version be made
live? Thanks!

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maartenvdbent wrote:

I made a transparent logo at [[commons:File:Wikipedia-logo-mg.png]]. This logo (or another transparent one) needs to be used as the current one is not transparent (the logo must be transparent).

For the record, I'm not a bugfixer, so you still need another person to change the logo in the software :)

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

... at [[commons:File:Wikipedia-logo-mg.png]] ... needs to be used ...

You need to upload that image to

alno wrote:

I've uploaded the image as requested on so that it can be used as the logo for the Malagasy wikipedia.
Many thanks to Marteen for the transparent version of the logo!

maartenvdbent wrote:

You're welcome. I think everything is ready now to switch the logo!