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Test Mitmachen for all relevant screen sizes
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I guess the campaign is aimed at desktop users, hence before releasing the tool to the general public we should check that Mitmachen can be used on small laptop screens as well as large widescreens.

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Cirdan created this task.
Cirdan moved this task from Backlog to UI and UX on the Mitmachen board.

I tried on a HD display as well on a smartphone (Moto G4) and on simulated screens in the firefox dev tools down to 280x280px and encountered no new issues due to screensize there.

Sounds good - does this mean, the task can be resolved?

Or do we need to test it again after the tutorials and videos are embedded? @Jan_Dittrich

This needs to be checked again once the tutorials have been added.

I've added this as a reminder, but we can also just close this and open specific tasks should problems arise.