Top Bar floats away when being used
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Author: timwi

Originally submitted by Nobody/Anonymous - nobody  2004-08-11 21:24

I am using IE6 on Win98 as well as WinXp. In the

monobook skin the top bar floats away to the left
rendering it useless. For eg. if I try to log-in - the icon
is at the right most corner, as soon as I mouse over to
it, it floats to left, where it is 'under' the logo picture - it
is still visible but when I click on it , it goes to the main
page of the wikipedia. It is happening in for sure and has also happened in the
other wikipedias I use.

I tried copying some .css files from user stle pages but
they seem to be giving errors - when loading a page I
get the message - done loading but with errors on page.

Please point me to a .css file which will work on IE and
Windows. I like the look of the monobook - without the
floating - if that is available anywhere.

thanks so much.

Shree at

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
OS: Windows 98
Platform: PC

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shree wrote:

view of english wikipedia main page


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shree wrote:

mediazilla page - the logo also keeps repeating


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shree wrote:

hi.wikipedia - logo repeats, top bar flaots, random text on top, black background

the floating seems ot have reduced a little, I do not know if any changes were
made after I first submitted the bug - but other problems like repeating logo,
or smaller pages being displayed 3 times are happening. Also the black and pink
lines are coming in background. Please see the .gifs to get an idea.



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tom wrote:

I can't replicate any of this on IE6 under 98 or XP. The weird background looks like it could be a video driver
problem, but I've no idea about the login link jumping around.

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tom wrote:

Setting WORKSFORME: I cannot replicate these issues, suspecting a video card driver fault.

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