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Can't link to [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}]] any more
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Am I mistaken or is the ability to link like
"[[{{FULLPAGENAME}}|this page]], etc. for the
suddenly crumbling depending on Namespace, etc. I only tested it from
and that was scary enough.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: normal



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herd wrote:

Is normal: <strong class="selflink">

Use [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}#|this page]] to defeat selflink checking.

herd wrote:

Well, specifically, you must link to an anchor, like [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}#top|this page]] or a dummy anchor like [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}#foobar|this page]].

Note this behavior is mainly for (afaik) signatures linking to user talk pages being suppressed on that user's talk page.

Can you please add a complete explanation at ,
else nobody can guess what is going on.

herd wrote:

This has nothing to do with the magic words. The same thing happens with manually entered text that matches the current normalized title. This is covered at -> "Selflinks to the current page are not transformed in URLs but displayed in bold."

But that is the first place people will look, so please mention
something there. Otherwise they will never guess what the real reason
is, and will end up submitting bugs like I did.