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Generate IPFS snapshots (via HTML dumps)
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Wikipedia-on-IPFS [WPFS] is useful in a number of contexts. It offers a very fast way to share access to an offline snapshot, and censorship resistance. An instance of this was set up last year:
Making regular dumps available in this format would allow regular updates of WPFS, and significantly increase the number of full mirrors of Wikipedia.

This requires an HTML version of a dump. The IPFS update could be done directly from an uncompressed HTML dump on WM servers.

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See also (the standing request for HTML dumps) (for a requested generation process)

Sj renamed this task from Generate HTML dumps again, for IPFS-friendliness to Generate IPFS snapshots (via HTML dumps) .Nov 26 2018, 6:46 PM
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The test instance currently causes trouble: .

Is there a way to prevent the proposed snapshot from being put on the Internet/WWW? As far as I can tell, such a mirror makes sense only if it's on an intranet or its own non-HTTP protocol, otherwise it just adds to live mirrors which are legion already. The blog post said "Coming soon: We’ve almost finished creating a web browser extension that will allow you to access IPFS directly from your web browser" but says "Requests made via experimental protocols are re-routed to HTTP gateway (public or custom)" so I guess it's not ready.